360º Photos, Videos or a Virtual Tour App?

You’d like to start with 360s to show off your business? That’s a great idea! We’ve got everything you need to make that quick and easy. We’re here to help you decide what would be the best choice for your company. Is it 360º photos to grab attention on your website, or maybe a 360º Video Tour? If you would like to make things more interactive for your customers, we can make you the perfect Virtual Tour App!

Have a look at the details below and schedule your shoot today! Or just give us a call (on +44 (0)20 380 72 322)

  • 360º Photos $599

  • 5 professionally shot 360º photos
  • Editing of the photos for the highest impact
  • Technical support for publishing the photos on your website
  • 360º Video Tour $1749

  • A 2 minute 360º Video
  • 8-10 shots of or around your location
  • Your logo/text in the video
  • Background music
  • One 360º photo to show with the video on your website
  • Technical support for placing the photo and video on your website, youtube and facebook
  • Virtual Tour App $2899

  • Your personally branded 360 app for mobile phone/tablet
  • Interactive experience of your location
  • A mix of professional 360º photos and videos that shows of your location
  • 8-10 beautiful shots of and around your location
  • 4-6 photos or videos of nearby points of interest
  • Button with direct link to your website within the app
  • Links to websites of nearby points of interest

This is how it works:

Our team visits your location and scouts for the best locations to shoot our 360º footage. The shoot usually takes just two hours. If you want to have more of a say in the shoot, we welcome your assistance, of course. Maybe you’d like to add actors to show the liveliness of your business? Our team loves to work with actors and show of the great atmosphere of your business.

After the shoot, we will take your 360º footage to our studio, where our editing team will start the editing process and select the best shots for you. We will show you the roughs and we’ll decide together on the final shots to use. Then we will complete the editing process to bring out the best of your business in full 360º splendour.

360º Photos

You have chosen to have 360º photos on your website as the great new eye-catcher of 2017? That’s great! You will get immediate impact by letting your visitors see right through your pages! You get five beautiful 360º photos and complete support publishing them online. We can have your 360º photos to you, and online, within a week after the shoot.

360º Video

A 360º Video Tour will let your customers experience what it’s like to actually be there! Customers can look around in your 360º Video Tour on their mobile devices or even use a Virtual Reality headset to be completely present. The 360º Video Tour is a 2 minute video that shows the best views of your company in 8 to 10 shots. If you’d like, we can add your logo and text to the video, as well as a voice over or background music of your choice.

To impress your customers, you could optionally hand out printed cardboard headsets with your logo. The production of the 360º Video Tour will last 2 weeks.

Virtual Tour App

Your own 360º app will allow your customers to get a full 360 Video Experience. We create your interactive 360 Virtual Tour to let your customers look around in your Virtual World and see all the places you’d like to show off. Customers can download the app and watch your 360º photos and videos any time, without worrying about internet connectivity. Next to your 360º photos and videos, we can add 360s of points of interest close to your location. We can also add links to websites of tourist attractions, if that’s what you’d prefer. Most importantly, we can add a link to your website to make it easy for customers to book directly on your website. The production of the Virtual Tour app will last 4 weeks.